Ristorante Mocajo

The Restaurant

The history of our Restaurant is a family history beginning in 1963 when Lia and Adelmo took over the management of the canteen of one of the best known pasta factories in the area, the Mocajo.

Lia cooked the typical simple dishes of Tuscan cuisine as well as the game that our territory is full of.

The love for cooking and the pursuit of the most authentic tradition grew over the years. Their daughter Laura who had grown up helping at the tables and had acquired a sound knowledge of catering in her studies on the history of “Tuscan cuisine” recipes joined in and gave further impetus to the creation of innovative recipes based on tradition but revisited and personalized by the secret touch of the chef.

In 1995 her brother Fabrizio also joined the Mocajo team.
Family restaurant experience and pas-sion, together with a flair for customers’ relations led him to become a professional sommelier.

Today, the Mocajo Restaurant stands out for its quality, professionalism, warmth and constant research to pre-serve its traditions, but always with an eye to the current culinary fashion.


Our name comes from moco, a leguminous plant normally used as live-stock fodder and in times of shortage was once also used to produce flour for human con-sumption.